Close-In South Hillsboro Family Holiday U-Cut Tree Farm

Open for two weekends this 2018 Holiday Season. Saturday November 24th and Sunday November 25th and Saturday December 1st and Sunday 2nd.

9AM – 4PM

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Since 1978

Family Owned and Operated

We are a family owned and operated Ucut or We-Cut Christmas Tree Farm in operation since 1978 with a wide selection of pesticide-free, full, hand sheared Douglas Firs, the Oregon state tree. We have about 5,000 trees on over 5 acres ranging from small charlie brown trees to large 6 foot beauties. We have a clean, level, easy to access field that we keep pesticide-free. A selection of handmade wreaths adorned with juniper, cedar, large pinecones and plump berries and greens are also available. Saws provided.


A level, well-drained, pesticide-free field.

Hand-Sheared, full, fragrant trees.

Complimentary hot apple cider!

conveniently located

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Conveniently located just outside Portland in-between Beaverton and Hillsboro in Washington County halfway between Tualatin Valley Hwy (Hwy 8)  and Farmington Rd (Hwy 10) on SW 209th Ave.

Holiday U-Cut Christmas Tree Farm
5365 SW 209th Avenue
Beaverton, Oregon

Christmas Trees Help Improve the Environment

Each ACRE of Christmas Trees provides the DAILY oxygen requirements of 18 people, converting CO2 to Oxygen.
For each Christmas Tree that is cut, we replant a new tree each year. The lightest environmental impact provides for families cutting trees from a local tree farm that focuses on safe and conscientious practices.
93% of real trees are recycled into mulch and used in landscaping and gardening or chipped and used for playground material, hiking trails, paths and walkways. They can be used for beachfront erosion prevention, lake and river shoreline stabilization and fish and wildlife habitat.
Artificial Trees are manufactured with PVC, a non-biodegradable, petroleum-derived plastic. These put toxins into the air during production and are non-biodegradeable and non-recycleable, meaning they will end up in a landfill after their lifecylce is finished.
A single farmed tree absorbs more than 1 ton of CO2 throughout its lifetime.